Stay Competitive Take the Lead

Let your team know what is happening with your customers, competitors or suppliers.


Follow companies that are crucial to your business success.

Easily see when news, jobs, blog posts and tweets are posted

Market view built for efficiency

DIGBI Saves you time brining only the important selected text in a newly found content

Find New Content

When your customer posts a new article - be sure to know about it.

Keyword Classification

With DigBI's advanced keyword classification system, businesses can efficiently analyze and organize data related to their competitors, customers, and suppliers, allowing them to make informed decisions

Easy notifications

Stay informed and never miss an important update with DigBI's easy notification system, which alerts users to any relevant changes in their tracked topics

Topic Dashboards

DigBI's customizable topic dashboards provide businesses with an overview of their tracked topics, enabling them to quickly and easily monitor and analyze data related to their competitors, customers, and suppliers.