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What problem does DigBI solve?

Product Managers need to know the competitive landscape; this is an ongoing effort - we try to reduce the burden and make it easy.You need to know what problems your competitors are addressing and how they see the market.You need to know their terminologies, what features they release and when, and what their customers like about their products.

What is the level of effort involved?

DigBI attempt to reduce the effort for you and your team as much as possible. You'll get a weekly update, read it, ensure your team is aware, and build a competitive culture. Analyze what your competitors are talking about - where they are presenting, and work with marketing to ensure your work is represented.

How does DigBI work for you?

  1. You provide us with a list of companies you are competing with.
  2. DigBI will capture content from websites, social media accounts, YouTube, and other sources.
  3. You will get a weekly report.

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Our goal is to help companies develop a competitive mindset. While the report is a valuable starting point, we can offer your teams much more.

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